luni, 11 aprilie 2016

Block Invalid Clicks in Google Adwords

          A big part of your AdWords campaign consists in traffic generated by false clicks. Those are being made either by your competition who wants you spend the budget recklessly and with no actual results, or by special robots made especially for clicking on ads. Either way, the results are clear, you lose money and the ads are not being seen by the actual buyer or final user of the product.

          Google knows about this, but doesn’t have an active role in preventing those clicks. You can send an invoice to them about a period in which you believe that robots clicked on your ad and if they consider your affirmation true, they will give you money back for that period. This takes time tough, and an actual person who spends his whole day analysing the campaigns and sends reports to Google. This is consuming a lot of time, energy and resources. We thought about a click fraud detector software that can do all this immediately.

          No reports send to Google, no other person needed. Just the program who analyses each and every click and bans the particular IP which it considers to be a robot or competition who tries to mess with your campaign. All the work is done by the program. And you don’t need special tools to install it. In 2 minutes the program is ready to go and works on improving your AdWords campaign, reaching a bigger audience with the same budget. You can call it your personal Click Fraud Detector.

           We are so sure about it’s efficiency that you give a 14 days free trial. You can convince yourself by seeing the actual results. And after you understand which clicks are actually true or false you can manually adjust the program to ban an IP after a certain number of click and for a certain period of time. If you’re wrong, the user will see the ad in a short period of time. Our experience has demonstrated us that with the same amount of money the number of actual users usually doubles. No more false click, just real users.

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